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We at IGC belive Education is a regular source of living a noble, ethical and empathetic life. to be the leading institution imparting quality education to the students propelling them to become efficient, empathetic, empowered and socially responsible citizen to participate in the sustainable development of the country.


To translate and transform our vision , we have following missions :

  • To offer courses to the students for enhancing professionalism, humanism and employability through quality education with 21st century skills

  •  To provide a platform to knowledge seekers from diverse background Including minorities and backward societies to upgrade  upskill them to bringing them in mainstream & parity  with advanced society

  • To nurture and create the talent & think tank of world class to contribute to our nation  and shine "India as a knowledge & IT hub on the world map.

  • To promote  social empowerment and entrepreneurship skills among youths to become self-sufficient and self-reliant to make India 'Empowered India'.

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